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Improve user engagement without even trying
Keep messaging personal with intuitive push, in-app and email notifications
Stay compliant with a marketer friendly GDPR wizard


Meeting your user in the moment. Tailoring campaigns to suit them when & where they need it most.


Increase your value - reduce the time. Trigger a series of highly personalised content for users to elevate your brand in their eyes.


Get personal without even trying. Useful dynamic segmentation lets you prepare for 1 to 1 interactions on a grand scale.


Know what will happen even before they do. Let the platform do the hard work of knowing what they like so you can target only the most relevant users.


Understanding on another level. Streamline your analysis to what matters to you so you can focus your reporting and excel your brand.

GDPR Wizard

Compliant with confidence.
Be the marketer you were born to be without fear of fuss or fines. Produce easy to digest user reports at the push of a button and have the comfort of manager notifications when needed.

Intelligent Delivery

With Intelligent Delivery the platform learns when users interact with your app to give you the confidence to talk to them when they are most likely to listen.

Smart Suggestions

Hurree’s Smart Suggestions learns from all your personas previous interactions to give you handy hints & tips on what they like to open.

Platform Learning

Hurree’s cutting edge knowledge platform, learns from past behaviours to give you the ammunition to recommend items or offers that the user most desires but has never even heard of.

Rich Content

Video, audio, emojis or gifs. Make your message magical with impressively personalised rich content that intrigues your users.

Mobile Automation

The automated communications platform is what makes Hurree, Hurree. Not only is it designed to be intuitive and easy to use but it is also designed to draw your users closer to you through smart conversations.

Behavioural Re-Engagement

Losing touch with your users is now a thing of the past. Behavioural re-engagement via mobile sets you up to make contact when they want it the most.

Insights & App Analytics

The data collection and analysis provides the proof in the pudding for Hurree’s mobile marketing. It is the dynamic results driven dashboard that showcases your campaigns as the successes that they are.


Demographic. Geographic. Psychographic. Regardless of how you segment your personas, Hurree’s remarkably slick dashboard provides you with the tools to raise the standards.

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