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Intelligent Delivery

Match the moment. At a time that suits you. From the moment you connect with your user Hurree is helping you to get to know them that bit better. With Intelligent Delivery the platform learns when they interact with your app to give you the confidence to talk to them when they are most likely to listen. With a simple click of a button your personalised message is scheduled for the moment the they need it the most.

Smart Suggestions

Take their lead. Keep them close. Because creating value is what you aim for, knowing what your users want is key. Hurree’s Smart Suggestions learns from all your personas previous interactions to give you handy hints & tips on what they like to open. Never before has it been so easy to increase engagement with so little effort.

Platform Learning

In depth knowledge, without even knowing. User knowledge is about insight on what they have wanted in the past. But it is also about what they are going to crave in the future. Hurree’s cutting edge knowledge platform, learns from past behaviours to give you the ammunition to recommend items or offers that the user most desires but has never even heard of. And, as the system learns how you operate, automated communication to your users can be switched on giving you the power to hit your users' sweet spot and keep them coming back.

Rich Content

Rich in content. Rich in reaction. Video, audio, emojis or gifs. Make your message magical with impressively personalised rich content that intrigues your users. With Hurree’s incredibly rich content, user interaction has been brought to a whole new level by giving them content they are excited to see.

Mobile Automation

Conversations. Connections. Conversions. The automated communications platform is what makes Hurree, Hurree. Not only is it designed to be intuitive and easy to use but it is also designed to draw your users closer to you through smart conversations. Taking full advantage of the automated scheduling system allows you to carefully craft messages based on each user’s profile, what they are interested in, at a time that they care the most.

Behavioural Re-engagement

They act. You answer. Losing touch with your users is now a thing of the past. Behavioural reengagement via mobile sets you up to make contact when they want it the most. With the unique ability to learn from your users’ previous interactions with your brand, you can easily use their individual behaviours and habits as trigger points. These behavioural moments kick off pieces of key content that will reengage them, bringing them back to your brand where they belong.

Tailored Campaigns

Tailor made to fit. Knowing your digital savvy users better than they know themselves is the key to the courting process. It is not only about meeting their expectations but exceeding them beyond belief! With Hurree, you can match the mobile moment of your user through customised campaigns that deliver their desired content, across all social platforms including your app, to give that 360 brand experience that keeps them coming back.

Location Triggers

Users here. And there. Location triggers are about working with geographical boundaries. Hurree’s advanced customisable geofence radius, is the bridge that completes your user’s brand experience. Location triggers isn’t just an additional marketing tool, it is your key to winning more users by extending a helping hand through the content they crave.


It’s more than just segmenting, it’s personal. Demographic. Geographic. Psychographic. Regardless of how you segment your personas, Hurree’s remarkably slick dashboard provides you with the tools to raise the standards. By impressively capturing your data that dynamically segments your market based on previous engagement, your user personas will be full, factual and flawless. So every message received by your users feels like it is coming from a friend.

Insights & app analytics

Decisions by numbers. Results that show. The data collection and analysis provides the proof in the pudding for Hurree’s mobile marketing. It is the dynamic results driven dashboard that showcases your campaigns as the successes that they are. With seamless integration with your CRM, your brand can flourish and grow with all of your user information in one place - making your decisions faster, focused and fitting.

3rd party & CRM integration

Build the bridge, strengthen the bond. Information is king. However, information silos can bring down the kingdom. With Hurree, instantly integrate with third party platforms of your choice to keep all of your information in one place. The seamless connection that is effortless to use, gives you the information you need to keep the user close and guarantee their loyalty.

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