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About Us

For us, mobile means relationships and that makes it special to us. Mobile has allowed each of us to strengthen our bond with friends and family all over the world and not only keep us close, but it has helped us to develop relationships that are stronger than ever.

Because of this, we strive to replicate this development of relationships that are stronger than ever for businesses with their users. We want to develop the relationship through that trust, that love and that enjoyment built through communication and felt through friendship.

"Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for businesses to develop and strengthen relationships just as you would personally with friends and family. A message you send to your Mum is probably not the same message you would send to a best friend, and this idea of tailoring messages for individuals is one that is at the very heart of Hurree."

Aaron Gibson, CEO, Hurree

Our Journey

With a focus on communication, Hurree is a revolutionary platform allowing you to control how, what and when you communicate to your app users, so personalised that they can’t help but engage. The platform changes everything by learning about the user, to provide you with the insights that will effortlessly revitalise your bond.


  • From the first campaign, there has been;
  • a 27.4% increase in app open rate

  • 11.2% following through to action

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